We often seek silence when we want deeper contact with ourselves and God. In deep silence, we often feel that we can better hear God's voice and find answers to unsolved questions in our lives.

On this web-site I have created four slide-shows with 12 pictures in each. I have called them 'Silent Moments' because these moments in silence have inspired me more than anything else. My wish has been to reach people through the internet with a message that may help recharge your batteries so you can re-establish a feeling of meaning and fullness.

If the wheels are driving too fast and we loose contact with our inner core, we may be alienated from ourselves and other people, and the feeling of emptiness sneaks in. It is life-giving to be able to take a bath in the well of silence and to find once more the deeper contact with ourselves and our creator. When this contact is established, we are once again able to engage in daily life with renewed power and strength, and we may be a light for others.

The slide-shows are repeated automatically, so there is time to settle down and dwell on each picture with or without sound. You can stop the show at any point, and you may also choose some of your own music to accompany the pictures. It is also possible to choose a silentmoment and mail it to a friend, you may choose among 12 selected moments. Simply copy it and attach it as a file.

SILENT MOMENT 1: The source of light
I have photographed the pictures in a church in West-Jutland, Denmark. The church is newly built in old roman style with a roman window in the apse, facing east, so it is possible to see the rays of the rising sun shining into the church room.

Originally, there were windows such as this in many of our old churches, but many of them have unfortunately been bricked up in The Middle Ages and replaced by big resplendent altar pieces, which block the rays from the source of light and life.

From sunrise to sunset the light falls on the cross and the altar, and speaks its own clear and simple language. I have just been a devotional witness who has tried to catch the reflections of the light on and around the cross. The cross is in the centre of the pictures, but it is not the cross that is our focus here - it is the light! Both at sunrise with the golden light, and at sunset with the white light, the cross is swept by the light from the living God. (See also the video The Heavenly Light)

The birth of Jesus happened in the darkest time of the year as a reminder that even in the darkness there is hope - a glaring light may shine in the darkest night. We all know that joy might fade away, but luckily we also know that we may pass through crisis and resistance and find a new meaning and fullness in our lives again.

As a symbol of despondency, I have placed a picture in the middle of the slide-show, where you see the cross from behind. Here it is against the light in sharp contrast to the golden, sunlit cross with the crucified and resurrected Christ. From this position you cannot see Christ, but only a spider's golden web from the rays of the setting sun, that throws its white light into the church room - exactly that light, which contains all colours. At the end of the slideshow the light dresses the altar and the apse in a white mantle - as if it was Christ himself, who is ever present.
The despondency is overcome.

NB! Instead of the sound of bells, I recommend here that you listen to Pie Jesu sung by Sarah Brightmann from Andew Lloydd Webber's requiem, if you have a recording of it.

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SILENT MOMENT 2: Spring - leafing
This is a slideshow of 12 pictures from Gudenåen (The river of God ), close to Sukkertoppen by the big lake Mossø in Jutland, Denmark. The pictures are photographed one day in early spring, when the leaves are coming out.
The birds are singing with a life-giving strength and the river murmurs from a creek falling from the slope above, while the eddies dance on the water surface.
The sun throws its golden rays down through the light green leaves and reflects in the water's surface while the reflections from the sun in the water illuminates the leaves from beneath.
The birds are singing their spring-songs.
A little bird lands on a branch above my head and sings a hymn for me. I feel that it is God singing for me through the little bird. I burst into tears and the shadows of my soul are lifted away and now I really see what a wonder the creation is. A silent moment in total peace where eternity crosses the present moment.

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A quiet autumn day on the west coast of Denmark.
The swells sounds like quiet breathing. The sun reflects on the water surface and the breaking waves.
Dark clouds gather on the horizon, but the light breaks through an opening in the sky and penetrates with a vertical column of light hitting the surface.
The clouds break up. Hope is born! Eternity meets the present! I am!!
The sea continues to breath in a silent rhythm, while the sun is setting.

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"When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place,
what is man that you are mindful of him,
the son of man that you care for him?"
                                             Psalm 8

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